Wood Furniture Work Center

wood handling cnc router machine this machine mainly used to produce panel wood furniture, produce kitchen cabinet furniture, house decoration furniture,

XL M25BT Spindle 90° Turning CNC Router

wood handling cnc router machine, this machine can engrave radian wood furniture ,for the more thick wood materials which is not normal used, this is special designed for special usages

XL 1325 Cnc Wood Routers

woodworking cnc router machine which is used to make wood relief engraving,wood furniture ,wood decoration industrial, wood cabinet furniture,wood classical furniture

XL1325 wood ATC CNC router machine

XL1325 wood ATC cnc router machine,mainly used to make solid wood furniture, wood doors ,wood cabinet, tables and Chairs, decoration furniture,wood crafts, gift box, jewelry box, wood cnc router

XLM25QD2 wood milling cnc router machine made in China

Mainly used for wood furniture industrial like processing wood door, cabinet door, art and craft  door ,MDF cutting, wood board cutting and processing other nonmetal materials milling cnc router

XLM25-2 wood cnc router machine

Furniture Industrial: Panel Furniture, Office Furniture,Wood Door,Cabinet, etc; Wood-working Industrial: Musical Instrument, Kitchen Doors,Windows, etc;Suitable Material:Wood,Solid Wood,Acrylic,

XL1325 ATC Cnc wood Drilling Machines

●High-performance all-round machinery with extra ordinary value,but ataverye conomical price. With linear tool changer,constructed with world-class components,consistent high performance.


Introduction:Applications:It’swidelyusedinprinting,package,diemaking,advertisingsigns,metalplates,light-fixture,hardware,electricequipment,Automotive,electricalcomponents…etc.industries. Applicablemat

XL1325 wood door professional making cnc router machine

Mainly used for wood furniture industry like processing wood door,cabinet door, art and craft door, MDF cutting, wood board cutting and processing other nonmetal materials
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