The trend of CNC router development

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For laser machine , is already have decades of history.China is also in constant research new technologies ,hope to find new process in the innovation.laser cutting technology and equipment, is widely

For laser machine , is already have decades of history.China is also in constant research new technologies ,hope to find new process in the innovation.laser cutting technology and equipment, is widely used by many panel processing enterprises.It already occupy the panel marketing with the advantages , work efficiency is high, the machining accuracy is high, the cutting section of good quality, can conduct three-dimensional cutting processing etc.In addition,it began to replace the traditional plasma cutting, water cutting, flame cutting, CNC punch press technology.

After all these years of development, laser equipment according to the different of laser generator can be divided into three kinds of laser cutting machine on the market at present: co2 laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine, fiber cutting machine . Different cutting machine with different performance, today we will introduce optical fiber laser cutting machine.

Optical fiber cutting machine features:

1) Excellent light beam quality: Smaller focus facula, cutting line is more fine, the working efficiency is higher, the processing quality is better;

2) High cutting speed: it's 2 times of the same power CO2 laser cutting machine;

3) High stability: Adopt imported fiber laser top of the world, stable performance, the key parts service life can reach 100000 hours;

4) High electro-optical conversion efficiency: Fiber laser cutting machine photoelectric conversion efficiency up to 30%, it’s three times of the CO2 laser cutting machine, energy conservation and protecting environment;

5) Low using cost: The power consumption is only 20% - 30% of the similar CO2 laser cutting machine;

6) Lower maintenance cost: No laser working gas; Optical fiber transmission, without reflection lens; Can save a lot of maintenance cost;

7) Convenient product operation and maintenance: Optical fiber transmission, needn’t adjust the light path;

8) Strong soft light effect: Small body size, compact structure, easy to soft processing requirements.


Optical fiber laser main features:

(1) Fiber laser electric - light conversion efficiency is high, the conversion efficiency can be more than 30%, and small power optical fiber laser needn’t install water chiller, we adopt the air cooling, can greatly save power consumption, save operating cost and reach the highest production efficiency;

(2) The laser running only need electricity, without laser additional gas, with a minimum of operation and maintenance costs;

(3) Fiber laser adopted semiconductor modular and redundancy design, no optical lens in resonant cavity,no starting time, with free adjustment, free maintenance and the high stability advantages .These reduce the cost of spare parts and maintenance time, this is the traditional laser can not compared;

(4) The fiber laser output wavelength is 1.064 microns, it is 1/10 of the CO2 wavelength, the output beam is with good quality, power density is high. It is helpful for the absorption of metal material.It has excellent cutting, welding ability so that to make the minimum processing cost;

(5)The machine light routing is transferred by optical fiber, do not need complex mirror and light system. The optical path is simple, the structure is stable, the outside light path can not be protected;

(6) There are protecting lens in cutting head. The focusing lens and other precious consumable consumption will be few ;

(7)The light is derived by the optical fiber.This make the mechanical system design very simple, It’s very easy to integrated with robots or multi-dimensional workbench;

(8)It can keep a device with many machine after installing the light brake. Through the optical fiber separate light ,can be divided into multiple many sets and paths and work together at the same time.It’s easy to expand functions, the upgrade is convenient and simple;

(9) The fiber laser is with small diameter, light weight.The working position can be moved, the cover area is small.


Optical fiber laser cutting machine processing advantages

(1) High accuracy, high speed, narrow kerf width, minimum heat affected zone, cutting surface is smooth ,no burr.

(2) Laser cutting head can not touched with the material surface, don't scratch the workpieces.

(3) The kerf is the most narrow, the heat affected zone is minimum, the workpiece ‘s local deformation is very small , no mechanical deformation.

(4) processing soft is good, can process any graphics, can also cut pipe and other profiled bar.

(5) Can cut steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy board, hard alloy etc. any hardness materials, without deformation