Laser engraving machine operation

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Laser engraving machine operation,how to operate laser engraving machine ? this file tell you step by step and then there will be no problems operate laser engraving machine

1.Connect the Control Panel to the machine by the 50 pin cables and get the power supply through.

2.The users should integrate the actual information about the machine body and the processing requirements to amend the above parameter, or it will result in process mistakes.

3.It will appear processing parameter configured item after choosing the process file, choose different parameters by pressing “X+” and “X-” to move the cursor., and then download data setting by pressing “confirm” button. Press “DELETE” button to DELETE the wrong input, Press “confirm” button to confirm the data after finishing inputting, press “cancel” button to back to the original data when amending the data

4.Press “stop” button to stop process during process, It will instruct “save break point”, if you need to process again at the present position, press “1”or“2”,“3”,“4” “5” or“6”button and press “confirm” button ,then the present process will be saved, if you do not need to continue processing, then press “stop” button again. It will “whether go home?’ press “confirm” button to go home, press “stop” button not to go home.

5. Press “pause” button to adjust the position of the three axes during processing, press “pause” button again it will instruct “the original position”. Press “pause” button to confirm the new position and it begins to process, and then it will continue the processing according to the position where it had not been changed.

6.Process on break point: if you need to continue to process the file you have saved which had not been processed, press “RUN” button +the corresponded data button, it will appear the process parameter setting , and the steps are the same as the above 5,

7. Press “cancel” botton,the row number of the file on break point will appear, press “confirm” button ,it will begin to check the code, it will start process at the position where it stopped after checking.

9. After beginning process, the system will show the state of processing .such as the speed ratio, the leaving time of the processing, the speed of processing and the row number of processing file.

9. Move X,Y,Z these three axis to the pointed place that the bit will start and press “XY→0”and “Z→0” to affirm the working origin.

10.Press “cancel” button to exit the amend of process parameter after finishing setting the process parameter.

11. The LCD will show “whether go home or not?”, press “confirm” button and go home of the machine body ,and then press “Delete” button not to go home, press “cancel” button only Z-axis goes home.

12.The system begins to check the process code, press: confirm” button to start process after checking.14.Press “Y+”“Y-” to change the speed rate during processing , press “ +Z+”and“ +Z-” to change the rotary speed of the spindle.

13. Press “RUN” button, it appears “file chosen” item, move the cursor to choose the type of the file. Press “confirm” button to enter the USB disk file list or inner file list. As to the USB disk file list, press “X+” and“X-” move the cursor to the pointed file, and then press “confirm” button again to start working. As to the file in the inner file list, press the corresponded number button to choose the file you need to process, and press “MENU’ button to find the file by paging up and paging down.