How to maintain CNC engraving machine

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How to maintain CNC engraving machine? this is text tell all cnc router users how to maintain his cnc router machines in daily usages

 Now,the technology is more and more developed,so the engraving machines are more and more advanced.But even if the engraving machines are advanced,they are also need to be maintained.Then the following, I will introduce some methods about how to maintain cnc engraving machine.

   1:When the cnc engraving machine is working,you should make the spindle motor's speed control in an appropriate range.Make sure the motor can have a long time life.
   2:Once after work,in order to the next working is smoothly,you should clean the whole cnc engraving machine.Specifically the work table and rail.
   3:Regularly clean the control box,because dust is the biggest killer of the circuit board.
   4:Regularly oiling to the cnc engraving machine,oiling the cnc engraving machine once every two weeks is the best.Make the cnc engraving machine work slowly after oiling it.
   5:When the cnc engraveing machine is not in use,if the room temperature is too low,you can pour the water from water tank,prevent frozen the water tank and pipes.
   6:Regularly defragment the hard disk and killing virus to optimize the computer system. 
   7:Check the oil and coolant, timely additions and replacement.    
   8:After work,promptly shut down all power supplies.  
   If you do these requirements, your cnc engraving machine will be able to bring you more benefits.