Ultrafast laser weapon's industry

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Since the 1960s, the advent of the laser has become the people's production and life in the "conventional weapons": In the industrial field, the laser can be easily qualified for drilling, cutting and welding work; In medicine, the use of high-energy laser to treat retinal peel and other surgical procedures; in the military, increase the power of the laser energy can be made infinite light weapons.
 The laser works, the laser can be divided into continuous laser and pulsed laser. Let's take a flashlight to be always close button is continuous, rapid opening and closing is equivalent to issuing a "light pulse." CW laser output power is generally low, suitable for laser communications, laser surgery and other occasions; pulsed laser with a large output power is suitable for cutting and ranging like.
In recent years, ultra-short pulse laser has become the development trend of the tip of the laser field. The shorter the pulse, the higher the precision of the laser, the greater the energy release. In the laboratory, the femtosecond laser pulses has reached the level (1 femtosecond equals 1,000,000,000,000,000 of a second). We know that light can pass through a second 30 million meters, but it is within 100 femtoseconds time, only by the diameter of a human hair so short distance. Not long ago, the University of Jena in Germany, Robert Bosch GmbH and TRUMPF laser jointly developed by ultrashort pulse laser trimming technology, was awarded the Presidential German Future Prize, Xuan Lin also became the first large investment will ultrashort pulse laser scale application of industrial enterprises.
Ultrafast laser precision machining has two characteristics. The first is "cold." Conventional laser processing technique (including nano-laser) tend to make the metal, glass and other raw materials processing thermally fused. Local temperature picoseconds (a picosecond is equal to 1,000 femtosecond) and femtosecond laser produced up to 6000 degrees Celsius, higher than the sun's surface temperature, the surface was too late by the effect of thermal diffusion can be directly vaporized. The second is "Super Fine." Ultrafast laser can be focused to ultra-fine spatial region, but also has a very high peak power and very short laser pulses, the processing section tidy, no micro-cracks, no material damage, no fusion zone. Bosch's diesel engine to use picosecond laser drilling nozzle fine, let the engine fuel efficiency by 20 percent. It is reported that by the end of 2013, Bosch will deliver approximately 30 million with ultrafast laser machining of automotive components.
Ultrafast laser broad application prospects. Thinnest smartphone touchscreen only 0.7 mm, using a traditional diamond cutting glass substrates prone to cracks and burrs, with ultrafast laser noncontact cold mode overcome these drawbacks. Drilling, ultrafast laser engraved lines for solar cells, grooving and surface texturing, can improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the battery, lower production costs. For the treatment of thrombosis and arterial stent implanted in the body, sometimes the growth of scar tissue, resulting in blood vessel blockage again, and ultrafast laser machining surface of the stent is made of very smooth, greatly reducing the chance of scar tissue growth ...... in energy saving, fields of information, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing and new materials, ultrashort pulse laser are useless.