Technical Support ------ Engraving machine problems and solutions

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this text is for how to solve engraving machine problems while using it it can be used for cnc router machine ,wood cnc router ,stone cnc router ,cnc router engraving and cutting machine

ⅠThe spindle rotational speed less than the specified one.

Ⅱ Machine can not go home, after finished the processing, can not come back to the origin of the working

Ⅳ Malposition

1.Check whether the axis lubrication

2. If the speed is too fast, whether the parameters are set correctly

3. Whether there is static or external interference, whether or not there is the Ground wire

4. Drive current is too small, motor or drives damage

Ⅴ Turn on the machine non- response, without power for machine, the handle non-response, show nothing

1.Change the slot location of the computer and re-install the software

2.To see if the inner wires within DSP USB cable connect together

3.Check the current by the power supply output in control cabinet, if the wiring in the circuit board are connected correctly, air plug are connected correctly

4.To see if drive, switch, fuse, rectifier damage

Ⅵ Can not distinguish the direction when the machine running

1. USB cable loose

2. Drive wires loose or incorrect wiring

3.The circuit board of PCI Card or DSP control handle damaged

4.To see if the PCI card is damaged

5. PCI card damage

6.To check if the file is correct

7. To see if the parameters are right in the control handle  

8.To see if the sensors are connected, if it is damaged

9.After finishing the engraving, Press F7 for PCI card system, press Ok button for DSP system to see if the machine can come back to the origin

10. Check if bearings block, screw block, motor block for x,y,z axis is concentric

Ⅲ  Engrave a bad square, bad round, serrated jobs, and the machine jitter when it working

1.Adjust concentricity and tightness among of the axis bearings block, screw block, motor block

2.Adjust the machine balance, check the slider, motor belts, coupling, to see if it loose and damaged

3. To re-adjust the internal parameters of inverte

4. Check if the wires connecting between inverter and circuit board is correct

5. PCI card ,USB cable,circuit board damaged, the parameters in DSP handles setting wrong, set it correctly